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“Anywhere, Anytime, at Any Cost.” ~ Jerome Nicolosi

Our Mission 

Implementing the resources and gifting that God has provided in being servants to the Nationals, Tribal Groups, and Missionaries; helping them to develop successful, self propagating churches among the peoples of Peru.

Our Ministry  

A Missionary Housing Base.

Firstly, we are building a housing base for church-planting, tribal working missionaries. We provide housing for missionaries and help enable their work by way of technical support and supply buying. God has gifted Vann with an engineering mind, capable hands, and a servant’s heart. It is his joy to get to help missionaries with a difficult project or fix something that is essential or simply troubling them. Solar power systems, latrines, water collection, and satellite internet are just a few examples of ways that he helps our tribal missionaries. 

We also enjoy serving our local missionary community – which has grown substantially in the last decade. They have technical needs that we can meet at times, but we also love to host them and give them a place of refuge and refreshment. Our hosting ministry is Vanessa’s joy. The hospitality industry was a significant part of her formative years, and she has a deep appreciation for its necessity in Kingdom work.

Camp Ministry.

Secondly, we are building the first ever Christian camp for local churches in our region of Peru. Evangelistic youth camps have been temporarily hosted in many locations over the years, but a place does not exist that is solely dedicated to the service of Christian youth camps. It is our hope that this base can serve not only youth camps, but other church retreats as well, and not only local churches, but possibly American/foreign, visiting church camps too.

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